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Mark, in the absence of Sam, is covering way’s he’s sabotaged his Football Manager save by doing something stupid in game. The list is short and sweet:

  • Sign players without scouting them
  • Sign players because of who they are and not because of a real need in the squad – stand up Peter Crouch
  • Sign players on silly wages, especially when they aren’t really needed, creating financial issues – stand up again Peter Crouch
  • Get distracted during a match and leave the match screen.  Only to return when it’s too late to do anything about being thrashed
  • Sign a new coach, only to be told you have too many and need to get rid of one.  You do that only to find out you got rid of a coach you signed the month before.
  • Click the wrong option during a team talk, totally destroying moral.
  • Selling influential players at the start of a save, causing unhappiness amongst the remaining players.  Without them onside it goes downhill fast.
  • Rely too much on the Ass Man, despite knowing he’s useless.
  • Not paying enough attention to contract clauses and finding out you may have created a situation where a player is earning too much or has a really low release clause.

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