FM19 Mansfield Town: The Set-Up

Get Them Out Of League 2

As a lifelong Notts County supporter, the last few years have been tough.  What has made it worse is our awful record against Mansfield Town.  They’re our biggest rival in League 2, its our local derby.  So to see them beat us time after time, grrrr.

I have one goal: GET THEM OUT OF LEAGUE 2!  The initial idea was to get Notts out of the league, but I’ve failed at that so many times (Editors Note: something that so painfully replicates real life), it feels like an impossible task.

Mansfield, on the other hand, have come so close several times.  So my logic is, that in order to end our poor record against them, we have to get them out of the league.  Nottingham Forest are no longer a rival as its been that long since we last played them in a competitive match. 

It was using this argument that sold Mansfield on hiring me.  They were at first very sceptical, but in the end realised how passionately I dislike them and how so desperate I am to get them away from my beloved Notts County.

The First Media Interview

Disclaimer:  I apologise in advance for the VERY dodgy voice acting.  Contains some potentially offensive language.

Mansfield Town Manager Photo

The State of the Club When I Arrived

The money:

It doesn’t actually look that bad.  Thank God.  No debt, so I should be able to achieve something and not have to worry about getting budgets cut.

Mansfield Money

The board expectations: 

League 2: Win promotion

English FA Cup: Reach third round

Carabao Cup:  Reach first round

Mansfield expectations

No pressure there then, they want what I want in the league.

The new signings:

Mansfield previous manager signings

All of the above were brought in by the previous manager.  I’ve had a quick look and he seems to have covered most bases for what was needed at the club.  I worry that Neal Bishop is a bit too old at 36, but he’s a good pro and should help the younger players develop.  

We do seem to be lack in depth at right and left back positions, so this will be my priority.  I have £200,000 in the kitty, so there there is the chance to bring someone in.

The standout player, in the above list, is 22 year old Otis Khan.  Looking at where he can play and some of his stats, I can see why he was signed as a key player.

Otis Khan profile

The first team squad:

Mansfield Town first team squad

It looks like a big, physical side, with the odd pacey player here and there in each area of the squad.

Speaking of Neal Bishop, I think I will have to keep him happy due to his standing in the team:

Mansfield dynamics

I may have hit lucky though, as he seems to like me.  Must be the Notts County connection.  Turns out Khan has good taste too.  There is some work to be done with the rest of the team and their cohesion.

Who likes me

My Immediate Changes

First up, training facilities.  As I won’t, EVER, be setting foot in Mansfield I have taken it upon myself to find alternative training facilities.  Here they are:

Gotham, Nottingham

It’s basically a field in Gotham, Nottingham.  It’ll do.

Beyond that, I’ve been here one day and haven’t really done much else.

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