FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1

Mansfield Town begin their new era under Mark Dowding on the 7th July when they take on Gillingham, at home,  in the first friendly match of the summer.

It will be the first game in the dugout (well he’ll actually be watching from home) as Stags boss for the die hard Notts County fan, having been officially unveiled last week.

But he faces a tough test in his first game in charge, trying to manage his team from a remote location.  This could be the barometer for things to come this season.

As usual our man Tina Twelvefinger will be at the game and she will be online to take your questions from 1pm.

Leave yours in the box below.

No Teef Keef: What the Jeff is going on?  He’s got a Notts County tattoo on his face ffs!  Why have we appointed this clown?

Afternoon Keef.  It is my understanding that the Stags board are so desperate to get out of League One that they are willing to attempt this rather desperate approach.  I, personally, can’t see anything but disaster in this appointment.


Kelly “The Stag”: Does he really have a tattoo on his face?  It seems odd that he’s not been seen by anyone, not even a photo in the Chav.  What’s that about?

Welcome to the chat Kelly.  Yes, he does indeed have a tattoo on his face.  I doubt he will be seen by anyone in Mansfield, ever.  He point blank refuses to step foot in the town.  He’s also banned the press from training at Gotham village green, so we can’t get a cheeky snap of him.


YouStags: If you were Dowding and could only recruit in one position in the summer, what would that position be?

Good question Stags.  I’d like to see him assume the position of face down in the dirt, dead.  Notts County scum that he is.  Erm…I mean.  At this point it’s hard to tell.  The previous manager did some very good business in the transfer window and we seem to be covered in every position with decent players.  We are a little weak in the left and right back positions though.  I do wonder if the new manager will notice that though.  I guess we will know more as the pre-season matches progress.


STAGnent: Do you think he will be able to get us out of the league?

Hello Stagnent.  I certainly hope so, then we may be able to sack him and get someone less objectionable.  The board have put the expectations of winning the league on him and are willing to pay him a lot of money to do so.  He has all the incentive in the world.  My concern is his track record, he basically doesn’t have one.  So God knows what will happen.


Regan Parish:  Remember when I told you all this:  Dowding won’t last the season.

Hi Regan.  I hope you’re right.


That’s your lot!

Right that’s it for this week. Some great questions. The Mark Dowding era begins on July 7th.  Stupid appointment, but if you don’t have hope, you might as well give up.