FM19 Mansfield Town: The Boring Pre-Season Post

The Envy

I wonder if other Football Managers look at their competition’s teams and wish they had this player, or that player?  As a Notts County fan, it begrudges me to say Mansfield have a good team.  Having been with them a full pre-season, I now know why they have dominated Notts in friendlies. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Boring Pre-Season Post”

FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1

Mansfield Town begin their new era under Mark Dowding on the 7th July when they take on Gillingham, at home,  in the first friendly match of the summer.

It will be the first game in the dugout (well he’ll actually be watching from home) as Stags boss for the die hard Notts County fan, having been officially unveiled last week.

But he faces a tough test in his first game in charge, trying to manage his team from a remote location.  This could be the barometer for things to come this season.

As usual our man Tina Twelvefinger will be at the game and she will be online to take your questions from 1pm. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1”

FM19 Mansfield Town: The Set-Up

Get Them Out Of League 2

As a lifelong Notts County supporter, the last few years have been tough.  What has made it worse is our awful record against Mansfield Town.  They’re our biggest rival in League 2, its our local derby.  So to see them beat us time after time, grrrr.

I have one goal: GET THEM OUT OF LEAGUE 2!  The initial idea was to get Notts out of the league, but I’ve failed at that so many times (Editors Note: something that so painfully replicates real life), it feels like an impossible task. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Set-Up”