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FM19 is widely regarded as the most realistic version of the game to date.  However, where does it go from here? Where do SI draw the line on realism?

Possible features to make the game more realistic:

  • Activities such as spying on opposition training sessions
  • Giving all gate money to lower league opposition – Abramovich did that when he first took over.  He gave Notts the £250k match money as they were in administration
  • Manager sent off during a game – which would require being able to interact with the match officials
  • Players failing drugs tests, going out on benders before games etc.  Player behaviour in other words.
  • Club takeover by fraudsters, pushing the club further in to the mire
  • Clubs getting fined for the behaviour of their fans – affecting the finances of said club.
  • Club bans from competitions due to fan behaviour
  • Clubs having to play games behind closed doors, due to behaviour of fans
  • Club owner/chairman goes into meltdown.  Posts dick pics on twitter, puts the club up for sale.
  • Manager gets involved in dodgy dealings.
  • Death of players

What do features like these add to the game, if anything?

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FM19 Mansfield Town: The Boring Pre-Season Post

The Envy

I wonder if other Football Managers look at their competition’s teams and wish they had this player, or that player?  As a Notts County fan, it begrudges me to say Mansfield have a good team.  Having been with them a full pre-season, I now know why they have dominated Notts in friendlies. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Boring Pre-Season Post”

FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1

Mansfield Town begin their new era under Mark Dowding on the 7th July when they take on Gillingham, at home,  in the first friendly match of the summer.

It will be the first game in the dugout (well he’ll actually be watching from home) as Stags boss for the die hard Notts County fan, having been officially unveiled last week.

But he faces a tough test in his first game in charge, trying to manage his team from a remote location.  This could be the barometer for things to come this season.

As usual our man Tina Twelvefinger will be at the game and she will be online to take your questions from 1pm. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1”

FM19 Mansfield Town: The Set-Up

Get Them Out Of League 2

As a lifelong Notts County supporter, the last few years have been tough.  What has made it worse is our awful record against Mansfield Town.  They’re our biggest rival in League 2, its our local derby.  So to see them beat us time after time, grrrr.

I have one goal: GET THEM OUT OF LEAGUE 2!  The initial idea was to get Notts out of the league, but I’ve failed at that so many times (Editors Note: something that so painfully replicates real life), it feels like an impossible task. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Set-Up”

FM19 – SAFC Save: That Didn’t Exactly Go To Plan

The Plan

The plan with Sunderland was to take them to the Premier League and to establish them as a top tier team. The steps were very simple:

  • Get out of League 1
  • Whilst in League 1 use the opportunity to develop young talent, by giving them first team football.
  • Use the big transfer budget to sign as many young players as possible – they were going to form the backbone of the club finances and playing side for years to come.

As plans go, those three steps were very simple and I certainly made good progress on the second two points. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save: That Didn’t Exactly Go To Plan”

FM19 – SAFC Save: A Glorious Start


Being a Football Manager in real life must be a tough job. All the ego’s, (un)realistic expectations, a simple game that somehow is made complicated by the unpredictability of 22 players on a pitch.

Being a Football Manager of Sunderland can be a glorious opportunity, for the right man, or it can be a poison chalice.  The owners and the fans expect the team to win League One this season, rightfully so as they’re a big fish in a small pond. Can a first time manager pull it off? Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save: A Glorious Start”

FM19 – SAFC Save: The Lee Cattermole Quandary

The Story So Far

Lee Cattermole is a big money earner at the SAFC, pulling in £30k per week in League One. As I mention in the post FM19 – SAFC Save Show Me The Money, that’s just not sustainable for a club in League One and the money could be put to better use.

Lee is a great player for this level and is a big contributor to our mid-field quality, but he’s a luxury. I made the decision very early on to move him on.  Easier said than done.

I did tell Lee initially that I was going to sell him to release funds for the club. He wasn’t happy with that, felt he deserved his £30k and didn’t want to leave (remember that last bit for later on in this tale).

Stoke To The Rescue?

In real life Lee Cattermole is still at Sunderland, for whatever reason. Wages? Ability?

In game, I got an offer from Stoke. The fee was pretty decent £2.4 million, for a player valued at £2.9 million. I could negotiate up from there. However, the sticking point for me was them wanting us to contribute £12.75k to his weekly wage.

Stoke initial offer for Lee Cattermole

As much as I’d like to release Lee and boost the coffers, that wage demand really annoyed me (to be polite about it). I hate the idea of paying for a player who is no longer at the club. So I turned the offer down, as they’d locked the clause.

The result of this was an unhappy Lee and an unhappy squad. The former I could live with. The latter was an issue because team cohesion was causing problems on the pitch.

SAFC Player Unhappy With Lee Cattermole Treatment

The good news was I had players on my side and some pretty influential players at that. So, I could weather this storm in a teacup.

Thinking he’d have to stay and knowing I needed more money in the wage budget I moved the money around, to release about £30k for wages.  Giving me room to improve the squad and keep Lee at the club.

I did feel that I was being painted as the villain of the piece by Lee and some of the players. I want him to go, he wanted to leave (no sorry he didn’t – remember what I said earlier – I don’t actually know what he wants at this point), some of the players want him be allowed to leave. I just wasn’t willing to let him go on those terms.

The Invertedwingbacks Intervention

So, I’m scouting the Swedish leagues (ok I was having a cheeky holiday on the club) and dropped in on Invertedwingbacks, who is currently managing Vänersborgs FK in the Swedish Second Division North Götaland.  No, I don’t have a clue who they are either. Jese Wingbacks is Scottish and seems to like the colder climates – mind you there was that stint in Nigeria, but we don’t talk much about that.

Back in the comforts of Wingbacks humble abode, the long suffering Mrs Wingbacks (being dragged around Sweden from club to club, not knowing how long she’ll have at each one) provided us with the fabled calming Oreo’s – only two each and not the thin crappy no filling ones either.

I digress. Why was I going to Wingbacks? Not only is she a tactical genius, with a flair for Mourinho type celebrations, she’s also Scottish and knows a lot about saving money. Could she unlock the Cattermole quandary?

Her take? Grab the money and run. I not only get the transfer money, which can be used to boost the wages, but I also get more than half Cattermole’s salary back in to the coffers for other players. Plus, if he renews his contract with Stoke I’ll be off the hook for the £12.75k a week.

Put in that way, I was stupid to have turned Stoke down. So I offered him to them again.  This time insisting on a fee of £2.7 million, which they accepted.

Thank God that is over.  However, remember all those players who were happy he was staying? The one’s who were influential (see above), now they’re unhappy and its causing issues on the pitch. Add to that, the fans and board aren’t happy with this bit of transfer genius.

Unhappy fans and board

Tough, they’ll get over it. I need depth and not diva’s.

Passive Income – Side Note

I love making money with no effort. Everton just gave us £1 million as part of a clause in Jordan Pickfords transfer to them. The rich, of League One, get richer.


Good riddance to Lee.

FM19 – SAFC Save: Mid Pre-Season

Initial Squad Thoughts

It’s hard to tell at the moment. We have eight injured players and one on holiday, leaving us with a bench of five central mid-fielders, a goalkeeper and a central defender.  Which doesn’t give much scope for evaluating the first team squad during the friendlies. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save: Mid Pre-Season”

FM19 – SAFC Save Show Me The Money

The Money

It’s a dry subject and not a particularly exciting one to start the save story with, but the finances at Sunderland are a little unique.

I’m playing the game much slower in this version of Football Manager, so actual save updates are a little limited at the moment.  However, for the first time in a long time the Under 23’s friendly match has highlighted a couple of things I want to touch on in this post. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save Show Me The Money”

FM19 – SAFC Save Introduction


With all the excitement of a new version of Football Manager, I decided to dust off the old Wheel Fell Off blog and give content creation another go.

For my first save, in this release, I decided to go with a team I haven’t manager since FM17. That team being Sunderland. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save Introduction”