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FM19 is widely regarded as the most realistic version of the game to date.  However, where does it go from here? Where do SI draw the line on realism?

Possible features to make the game more realistic:

  • Activities such as spying on opposition training sessions
  • Giving all gate money to lower league opposition – Abramovich did that when he first took over.  He gave Notts the £250k match money as they were in administration
  • Manager sent off during a game – which would require being able to interact with the match officials
  • Players failing drugs tests, going out on benders before games etc.  Player behaviour in other words.
  • Club takeover by fraudsters, pushing the club further in to the mire
  • Clubs getting fined for the behaviour of their fans – affecting the finances of said club.
  • Club bans from competitions due to fan behaviour
  • Clubs having to play games behind closed doors, due to behaviour of fans
  • Club owner/chairman goes into meltdown.  Posts dick pics on twitter, puts the club up for sale.
  • Manager gets involved in dodgy dealings.
  • Death of players

What do features like these add to the game, if anything?

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FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1

Mansfield Town begin their new era under Mark Dowding on the 7th July when they take on Gillingham, at home,  in the first friendly match of the summer.

It will be the first game in the dugout (well he’ll actually be watching from home) as Stags boss for the die hard Notts County fan, having been officially unveiled last week.

But he faces a tough test in his first game in charge, trying to manage his team from a remote location.  This could be the barometer for things to come this season.

As usual our man Tina Twelvefinger will be at the game and she will be online to take your questions from 1pm. Continue reading “FM19 Mansfield Town: The Mansfield Chav Weekly Webchat #1”