FM19 – SAFC Save: That Didn’t Exactly Go To Plan

The Plan

The plan with Sunderland was to take them to the Premier League and to establish them as a top tier team. The steps were very simple:

  • Get out of League 1
  • Whilst in League 1 use the opportunity to develop young talent, by giving them first team football.
  • Use the big transfer budget to sign as many young players as possible – they were going to form the backbone of the club finances and playing side for years to come.

As plans go, those three steps were very simple and I certainly made good progress on the second two points. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save: That Didn’t Exactly Go To Plan”

FM19 – SAFC Save: Mid Pre-Season

Initial Squad Thoughts

It’s hard to tell at the moment. We have eight injured players and one on holiday, leaving us with a bench of five central mid-fielders, a goalkeeper and a central defender.  Which doesn’t give much scope for evaluating the first team squad during the friendlies. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save: Mid Pre-Season”

Way’s we’ve sabotaged Our Football Manager Careers – WFO2

In this episode…

Mark, in the absence of Sam, is covering way’s he’s sabotaged his Football Manager save by doing something stupid in game. The list is short and sweet: Continue reading “Way’s we’ve sabotaged Our Football Manager Careers – WFO2”

FM19 – SAFC Save Show Me The Money

The Money

It’s a dry subject and not a particularly exciting one to start the save story with, but the finances at Sunderland are a little unique.

I’m playing the game much slower in this version of Football Manager, so actual save updates are a little limited at the moment.  However, for the first time in a long time the Under 23’s friendly match has highlighted a couple of things I want to touch on in this post. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save Show Me The Money”

FM19 – SAFC Save Introduction


With all the excitement of a new version of Football Manager, I decided to dust off the old Wheel Fell Off blog and give content creation another go.

For my first save, in this release, I decided to go with a team I haven’t manager since FM17. That team being Sunderland. Continue reading “FM19 – SAFC Save Introduction”